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We aim to provide quality designs.

They can be from our design samples or ones designed to suit your occasion with your specifications.

If you need something but it is not on our website, just email or call us and we will see if we can help you out!


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"I was looking on the internet for ages for wedding cards and found most places were very very expensive. Ruby Designs stood out as they did exactly what I was looking for.

I did a online search for reasonably priced wedding cards Ruby Designs came up. I looked up their site and saw how reasonable their prices were and also how well their invites turn out.

I had my own picture that I got done myself and my partner of like a cartoon picture and I asked Ruby Designs if they would mind printing it onto one of their cards which I picked out from their site. After the initial sample Ruby Designs sent to me. I knew it was exactly what I had asked for.

I would reccomend Ruby Designs. They were straight onto me with a sample through email and also by post. I was asked exactly what I wanted written on the inside and thanks to their good proof reading, they spotted a couple of my silly spellings so I changed it and sent it back. They were very helpful and gave me different ideas of how to word it.

Everybody loved our cards and its the first thing they commented when they RSVP to us. My cards came in a lovely keepsake box too all packaged up so no chance of damaging them and they were with me in no time.

_____________________________Karen & Gary


"We met Marie for the first time at a wedding fair in the Hotel we had booked our wedding with. This Hotel also recommends Ruby Designs, so to know that a Hotel has confidence in a company stood very well with us.

Marie is an extremely friendly, easy going person to deal with so we knew straight away we wanted to get our invites from Ruby Designs. She spoke so passionately about her work and never hesitated to answer my many questions and never made me feel like I was being crazy or a bridezilla with the million questions that I asked. Marie even suggested ideas that we hadnít even considered or thought about. Neither of us are very visual people so it was great to have Marieís input on things as she has an exceptional eye for detail.

Our invites were flawless and the presentation of them was fantastic. We have had very good fed back from family and friends about them.

I had absolutely no hesitation in booking with Ruby Designs as once you speak with Marie you are automatically filled with confidence that an excellent job will be done. We booked with Ruby Designs as we wanted something simple but it also had to have excellent quality for our wedding invites. This is why we went with the Wedding Box compilation. It is great value for money. The customer service was next to none, we always heard back from Marie within a few hours. She is so passionate and involved in her work that she even worked on our invites while on her holidays. This dedication and constant fed back from her made me feel so relaxed and clam while going through the wedding invite process.

____________________________Lucy & Padraig


"Everyone loved the invites, and we do to.

* What prompted me to seek Ruby Design Services was the variety of invitations, quality and the price.

* I heard about you from a friend in work.

* We picked Ruby Designs for something sweet, simple and beautiful at the same time.

* The care and attention you gave to us was second to none and I knew by picking you everything would be just right and what we wanted.

* If a potential customer was on the fence about working with you I would tell them that you are 100% committed to delivering the best and exactly what is wanted. Constantly keeping in regular contact, by keeping us informed and answering emails and any questions we had. Also great value for money. I have recommended you to some future brides... I just want to thank you again Marie for being so helpful and making the order go so smoothly.

_____________________________Ingrid & Peter


"I needed an invitation for my daughter's birthday party and I heard about Ruby Designs by word of mouth, and having seen some of their previous invites and posters for Bray Emmets and various school events.

I called Marie, and she really listened to my 'wish list' for the job at hand, and that was the most important thing for me. What was even better, was that she then added different elements to it that I would never have thought of, and which worked beautifully.

The effort that Marie put into communicating with me. There was such effort put into getting it just right, between emails, phone calls and doing out trial designs. She couldn't have been more helpful. Nothing was too much trouble.

I would recommend Ruby Designs whole heartedly, and unreservedly.



"We contacted Ruby Designs to put together invitations for the launch of The Body Shop brand in Fitzmaurices Pharmacy/ The Feel Good Pharmacy in Bray, Quinnsboro Road. And when you have so many other things to think about, I felt confident that I didn't have to worry about anything I left in Marie's capable hands.

There are a number of things that are crucial to getting a job done; timing, quality and attention to detail. Ruby Designs understood the pressure we were under, delivered on all fronts and exceeded expectations.

From speaking with Marie, I felt confident she knew and fully understood the spec and that we were working from the same page. I wouldn't have been able to do it without her help and expertise. In terms of costs, I found Ruby Designs very cost effective and I would happily recommend Marie and Ruby Designs to anyone.

_____________________Doreen and Paul Burns


'Ruby Designs just for you'

Ruby Designs is looking to provide a comprehensive range of wedding, occasion and corporate packages. Provided are samples of what can be done on this site. But what is also offered is an opportunity to put what is in your head onto paper for your special occasion or business.

We have so many bubbling ideas that there is not enough room on this page to tell you. We strive to build a strong relationship with each of our customers...

- Births - Christenings - Birthdays -
- Weddings - New Home - New Business -

We hope to help you through those special stages of your life and help build up your memory box for years to come with uniquely designed mementoes of your special days.

So hopefully at Ruby Designs we can provide this for the future of all your occasions, with what we hope to be the best and friendliest service.

Ruby Lou Future


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